Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ewe a day - Ygritte

I was pretty high on the class of 2016 ewe lambs, but still had high hopes for the 2017 class this spring. It’s still too early to do a full evaluation on them, but we felt we had reached the fineness summit with the 2016 class and needed to work on other things. After working for many years on improving our flock fineness, that left us in a rather uncertain area. Was it possible to increase fleece length while maintaining fineness? Could we add the full diversity of colors to the mix? Who knew? I still don’t.

What I’ve noticed over the years was that as much as we liked most of our ewes, the ram is the most important contributor. All of the fineness that we enjoy started with our ram selections over the years. So, you be the judge as to whether the 2017 ewe lambs are a step in the right direction. It won’t be until April that I finally decide for myself.

Ygritte is out of Darcy and Vogue. I was going for black-based lambs here, but failed miserably. I like moorit, however, and I think she is a good one. As much as I like Mr. Darcy’s fineness and color, I felt that Vogue had a good combination of goods that could improve him in his weak areas. This ewe lamb looks to be a success in that regard, but I did not do micron testing, so we will have to wait to determine whether we struck a good balance.

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