Friday, August 31, 2007

Personalities - Jen

I just came in from working with 6 of the lambs that Rich brought in from the midwest, or as I like to call them, "The Heartland Girls". I love halter training after about the third day. Those first few days are very character building...

Anyways, one of the best things about a daily routine of working with your lambs is you really get to know their personalities. Here are my observations about the six I am working with now:

Seraphim - total athlete. I am planning to enter her in the sheep olympics for the "Hop, Skip and Jump" event. She is really energetic and seems to really like the walks, since she always jumps in the direction she is being led.
Chiffon - Absolutely indignant about the whole thing. She is telling me the entire time, "I don't have to put up with this. Do you know who I am? I am Underhill Chiffon, a beautiful Shaela Gulmoget. See that you treat me with more respect". Of course, when the halter comes off, she is very nice and friendly with me. She the one that always comes right up to the camera when you are trying to take sheep pictures, and you have to shove her away to get a good shot (she is the one in the photo, chewing on my knee.)

Betulina - She is mature beyond her years (months?). She is obedient, calm, kind and gentle. Kind of reminds me of Meg from Little Women. She was halter trained the second day. I always save her for last.
Tiara - Tiara will walk on the halter provided you let her go first. If I go ahead of her, she will pull like a donkey. Its her way or the highway.
Fantasia - She is very unpredictable, likes to keep me guessing, perhaps even a little moody. One day she walks great, the next day she is just not up to it. Some days we make it all the way around the pond, and others just to the driveway.
Tinkerbelle - She is just so cute I don't even care. She is actually really good on the halter, but even if I had to pick her up every two feet, it wouldn't matter. She is like the youngest child in a family of 10, everyone loves her, she knows it and is unspoiled and sweet as the little fairy that she is.

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