Thursday, September 6, 2007

First day of school - Jen

A universal experience. We all have memories of our first day or our children's first day. That smell, the feeling, the distinctive buzzing sound of the autumn bugs, the staleness of the air. And for me, the nauseated feeling in the pit of my stomach. Well, it happened on Tuesday. And, no, I didn't get them their haircuts or sneakers for the first day. We did that when they got off the bus on Tuesday. I really missed them. Only got one photo of them on the first day because the battery died on the camera. I have pictures of them from every first day of school, so thankfully I got at least one. The boys were very pleased about the dead battery because all of a sudden they hate getting their pictures taken. I think its more like they hate doing anything I want them to do, but whatever. They are in the double digits now, so they like to be a little contrary now and then.
Gigi and Riley also started their first day of Kindergarten, so here is a shout out to them, hope it went well.

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Michelle said...

Since I'm homeschooling my little guy for now, I feel a mixture of sympathy and envy for you sending off your boys for several hours five days a week!