Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ghosts and Goblins - Rich

I haven't posted in a while because I've been toiling away at a number of outside projects in a futile attempt at getting ready for breeding season. Back in June or so, I set a goal of getting a halloween train layout completed by...you know...Halloween. So here it is.

The ghouls, the cackling witches, the freaks, the undead, the wretches of the underworld. Okay, enough about my last trip to Walmart, here is the completed (or nearly so) train layout.

The first image shows most of the layout. The Haunted Mansion in the top left (that my wife Jen made out of paper), the haunted graveyard below it, and the witches brew pub in the bottom left corner.

The next picture shows a different angle, capturing the two farms in the middle. Yes, the horse farm has a few sheep in the pasture. You can also see a ghostly looking grey sheep by the covered bridge. Wait a minute, how'd he get there?...William!

This picture provides greater detail of the Haunted Mansion and nearby graveyard.

Finally, the last image shows the two amishmen hauling a load of hay down the dirt road. Little do they know that they are being chased by a ghostly posse (of course, they wouldn't believe in it anyway, so I think they are safe...as of this writing). Lots of stuff happening in this creepy little village. Too much to mention...hooahhhhaha!!!

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