Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stuff I Made and lookit how cute our dog is - Jen

Here is Cody, our whippet, posing in front of an afghan I just finished crocheting. The yarn came from a variety of white sheep we’ve had on the farm over the years that I finally spun up. At one time we had quite a few whites, now we only have our Lily. And of course, I am now at the point where I am ready to start playing with dyes, and I only have 1 and a half white fleeces left. Go figure. I suppose I can always dye some of our lighter greys. Anyways, mom said she wanted me to make her an afghan to replace the tattered one she made 20 years ago from acrylic (blech) yarn, so naturally, I had no choice, and now it's done. Except for the fringe, which I'm not going to add because I just see it as a waste of perfectly good wool yarn. Yep, I'm a true Yankee. As Deb always said, " Want not, want not".

FYI, afghans take up a heck of a lot of yarn. I would estimate I used about 2000 yards, or appx. 4 fleeces.
Isn’t Cody funny looking? He always tries to make himself look smaller than he is, all curled up like a kitty…


Michelle said...

I love the look of sight hounds; SOMEday I hope to get a retired greyhound.

The afghan is very impressive! I don't like fringe on my coverings; it just tickles. Don't give up your dyeing dreams. Some of the most stunning dyed yarn I've ever seen was some of the darker Shetland colors overdyed with reds, blues and purples -- SO rich!

Katie said...

Whippet, whippet real good! :P