Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photos Desperately Seeking Captions - Jen

In order to get one nice photo of an animal, you must take about 50 bad ones. What did we do before digital cameras?

Anyways, these photos were rejects, but I couldn't delete them cause they are funny, or dramatic or in some way impressed me with their unique quality. I am not funny, so those of you who are (you know who you are...Connie) please email me or comment with your suggested captions and I will add them to the right of the photos.

From Katie:
"Well I heard from Peony who heard it from Lily...well apparently Violet is in trouble, and Cihat won't take responsibility for it!"
Connie: "I can't believe she's wearing that coat again...doesn't she realize that wool makes her butt look huge??"

Connie - "Okay, I saw some frogs playing this...I think it's called Leap-lamb"

Connie - "OOOHH, look at how green the grass looks over on that side!"

OK, OK, who peed in the water? (Thanks Katie)
Connie - "You do the hokey-pokey...that's what it's all about"

Connie - -"Faster than a speeding bullet...more powerful than a's a's a plane...IT'S SUPERSHEEP"


Katie said...

So, what are you saying? Are you saying I am not funny?

Katie said...

For the first one It should be some gossip. I don't know the names of the ewe's in the photo, but it could be something like this. "Well I heard from Peony who heard it from Buttercup...well apparently Violet is in trouble, and Sherman won't take responsibility for it!"

Katie said...

#4 "Ok, OK. Who peed in the water??"