Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color - Jen

I dyed up border leicester locks over the fall, 10 different colors. My intention was to make up kits for needle felters, which I did, and I know of a few needle felters who are enjoying these kits. But I just recently got the idea to mess around with the colors to create blended yarns. I hand blended a few colors and then spun up a small swatch on my spindle, and its now my new thing. So now, when people come over, I make them pick three colors, and I blend them together and make a yarn swatch. I only rejected one, Will's,but mainly because I didn't blend them well, the result was ugly, and he lost interest. I mostly like the ones where the color family is the same. They yield yarns with highlights, almost as pretty as natural colored yarns from my flock.

So here are the colors:

And here are the yarn swatches.

From left to right:
Sapphire blue/Turquoise/teal
Lilac/yellow/aztec gold (Andrew did this one, thought it would be ugly, but its really nice)
Emerald green/Turquoise/Teal
Bright yellow/Pumpkin orange/Aztec gold
Vermillion/Fire red/Fuchia
Fuchia/Sapphire Blue/Scarlet
Fuchia/Sapphire Blue/Scarlet/Lilac (I call this one "Charlie Rose", uses the colors from the intro graphics on his show)

I will be loading three listings of 3 oz of the sapphire blue/Turquoise/teal combo (in batts) to my etsy shop shortly. I am in the process of dying the yellow/orange/gold combo and will post that as batts. Then probably the Charlie Rose, Andrew's and the reds. Unless I run out of white wool by then.

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