Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cor d Nuit's Spotted Polled Ram

His solid black twin brother will be staying here, but this ram is for sale. There is a lot to like about this ram! He’s built like a brick house for one thing. His fleece is very uniform from front to back (as is the case with all of these guys). I don’t believe he will be as fine as some of our ram lambs, but I do believe he will test at or below 25 microns. If it goes that way, I will be happy. He is out of some great bloodlines.

He would also make a great flock sire for someone into spotted sheep. He will improve a lot of flocks, and add some fineness as well. And, he is polled! If he doesn’t sell, we will hold onto him and see how his fleece develops as a yearling. So much potential here!
Sire: Wintertime Bond S29187
Dam: Sheltering Pines Cor D Nuit S22529
DOB: 4/18/10
Mult: Twin
Genotype: AaAa/BBB?/SsSs/MMM?
Color: Black
Pattern: Solid
Spotting: Smirslet
UK content: 51%
Poll genetics: Fully polled


Michelle said...

Shame on you, tempting me to covet!

Kelly said...

Why, oh why do you live so far from me? :D