Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cosmos's Ram

It seems like everyone else, we have an abundance of rams this year at Whispering Pines Farm. We’ve had a good ratio of rams to ewes the last two years, but, as luck would have it, we have had a good number of remarkable sheep whose only flaw is their gender. Of our entire ram crop this year, we are using a couple this fall, but have decided to offer up seven exceptional rams that we think can help farms improve their flocks in a variety of ways. I will blog on each one separately, micron tests are pending.
Cosmos' is one of our youngest rams (DOB 5/9) so we’ll have to continue monitoring him. We like what we see so far, however. He’s very flashy and soft, and we love the bloodlines. He is 43% UK out of Dillon, Timothy, and Minder, but he also has a good domestic line that I admire for its conformation. He has short scurs right now. We will overwinter this guy if he doesn’t sell. He is one of the better all around spotted moorit rams that I’ve seen. He’s not spectacular in any one area, but is very good in all of them. He has the potential to be quite impressive as a yearling.
Sire: Wintertime Bond S29187
Dam: Whispering Pines Cosmos S29814
DOB: 5/9/10
Color: Moorit
Pattern: Solid
Spotting: Yuglet Sokket
Poll genetics: 1/2 poll

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