Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lambing - Final Stretch

Two new lambs to talk about. Blue Sapphire lambed on Wednesday and gave us this extremely fine fawn katmoget ram lamb. He’s 56% UK and a half-poll. He’s just a beautiful ram in my book!

Now that all of the Egyptian King ewes have lambed, I can say that I’m blown away by his lambs! Each one has his fleece type. I can’t say that all of them will be 20 microns, but they are going to be fine. Granted, we did breed him to two Blue’s Clues daughters, so I shouldn’t be surprised at the outcome, but I was very pleased with his lambs this year. Christmas Holly’s ram lamb out of Egyptian King is also looking impressive. He may or may not be as fine as his father, but I like his structure better already. He’ll be one to watch over the next few months as we figure out which way to go with breeding next year.

Whispering Pines Shiobhan, our F1 Orion ewe from last year, also lambed on Wednesday and had a very pretty grey katmoget ewe lamb out of Pompey. She is 58% UK and the second darkest katmoget we’ve had here. I love those dark blue katmogets and would have four or five of them if I could. This lamb looks promising so far.

Only one ewe left to go, Irish Lace, our solid-sided gulmoget (shown here trying to elude my camera). She is bred to Little Buckeroo, our F1 Jericho son.


Michelle said...

That kat ram lamb is incredible -- and I'd take that kat ewe lamb off your hands in a heartbeat if you were closer. ;-)

Kelly said...

Fantastic lambs once again guys. Congrats on a what appears to be a very successful year for you.

stephen rouse said...

Stunning Rich and Jen. speechless here. :-) Congrats!