Monday, May 30, 2011

Moorit Gulmoget Ewe For Sale

We’re finally getting around to creating a sales list, and are offering a few sheep at this point. As the spring rolls on (or arrives), we’ll continue making the hard choices.

First, Irish Lace is a two year old solid-sided gulmoget out of Firth of Fifth Leyland and Buttercup. She is a Black Forrest granddaughter.

I really hate to sell this ewe, because she is built quite nicely (as the shorn picture shows) and because she is very rare (being a moorit, solid-sided gulmoget who carries spots).

Her fleece is 5” to 5.5” long, which still meets the Appendix A guidelines. Her two year old micron test average was 27.7. I wouldn’t hate keeping her, but for now, she’s for sale.


Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

She is beautiful! I wish wish wish... but this is not my year to add sheep. :(

Michelle said...

She is a beautiful ewe; someone is sure to snatch her up!

stephen rouse said...

Are you sure she is moorit? The photo with her parted fleece almost looks mioget to me.