Monday, December 7, 2015

Elinor is a grey katmoget out of Egyptian Autumn and Pearl. It’s always nice to get black based sheep, and she is a good one. Her fleece stats are: 22.1/4.5/20.5/7.7/21.4.
Her bloodlines are just exquisite. Her fleece is a little bit longer also, so we’ll see what that ends up meaning. The winter growing season is always interesting because fleeces can double in length during that period. One never knows how a second fleece will look like, but when you have standard deviations of 4.5, you can only be optimistic. Rosanna had a lamb fleece like this and I really liked it. Then again, we haven't really evaluated her second fleece yet.

I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but I look at genotypes and phenotypes in virtually equal weight, so if a sheep looks good and has the bloodlines that this one has, we'll generally keep her until we learn what his/her true genetic potential is...especially when they are black-based.  

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