Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ewe-A-Day - Whispering Pines Kyrie

I did kinda find a picture of Kyrie, so I'll post about her and then get a better picture this weekend. She is the little moorit behind Emma.

Kyrie is out of Pearl and Egyptian King and is moorit. We were trying to get black out of this breeding, but what can you do? Instead, we got a nice moorit with excellent fleece stats: 22.7/4.1/18.3/7.1/21.6. I think that projects well and I expect her two year old fleece to come in under 25 microns. I love these genetics with both Bond and Jericho in there.
I also like her small size relative to our other sheep. Both Egyptian King and Pearl would be considered of average size, and Kyrie is a bit smaller, but she isn't two yet, so we'll see how next summer goes. The picture is a bit of an illusion in that she isn't the same size as Emma. But she is the same age as the fawn kat next to her.
Anytime I can play around with Pearl's genetics, I get excited. And yes, she is named after the Mister Mister song (one of my favorite 80's songs from a band I don't think much of). You can always tell the sheep we like the most because they get the good names.

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Kelly said...

She's a lovely moorit.