Thursday, April 26, 2018

Lambapalooza II

Yesterday afternoon had three ewes lamb.

Blue Sapphire (X Nitro) had 2 very flashy rams, both look black based.

Just after getting her lambs cleaned, iodined, first feeding witnessed, went in the house, sat down and thought, "Well I'll just check barn before I start my next project" and there was another ewe going into labor.  Put back on my barn clothes, ran out to the barn, and there were two ewes in labor! 

Siena (X Oberyn) had a pretty moorit ewe and a black ram. 

Lady Mary had a little black ewe and a spotted black ram.

Did a quick check on Ivy's little guy, he seems to be catching up nicely, bouncing around in their cozy little pen.

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English sheep gal said...

Finally Blue Sapphire lambed, love that her boys are 'mini me's' with those eye patches, another lovely batch of lambs of all colors and markings - fingers crossed for more female lambs from the ewes still waiting to give birth.