Monday, April 16, 2018

Shearing Day Part 2

Photos today are in the thick of the shearing process.  We started at ~9:30 and finished at 1:00 or so.  46 sheep sheared.  We didn't do the adult rams because they are outside and it was raining.  We will have to shear them on Aaron's next run through WNY.

Hannah happily displaying Reawick's fleece - she knitted a cowl with her wool last year.

I am bringing a sheared and inoculated ewe lamb from 2017 back into the fold.  Rich got shots done on all the sheared sheep as part of the process.

Mayhem when you introduce a sheared ewe into the flock.  Who is this new girl, she smells different!

Aaron does a wonderful job keeping the fleeces intact as he shears.

I wish blogs had smells, cause this smells wonderful.

1/4 of the way through.

One of my favorite ewes from last year, Brienne of Tarth.  She is a beauty


Michelle said...

Nice to "see" you, Jen!

Jen and Rich Johnson said...

Ha Ha. I usually try to keep a pretty low profile, but liked the photo with the shearer in the background and my fav. ewe lamb, so decided to step out a little...