Saturday, November 9, 2019

What I am working on

That blue grey light of an overcast winter day

I am working on finishing carding Cersei's wool to make a gradient yarn.  Maybe a couple skeins as it looks like I am getting a lot of flicked locks from this fleece.

I finished plying a solid skein from Georgianna's Shaela fleece.  Was surprised to find that she has many shades of grey in her fleece so I will be spinning a very subtle gradient skein from her gun metal grey beautiful wool.

I washed Soraya's white fleece last weekend, so will begin carding and spinning her wool which will go into the sheep heid hat kits, a couple skeins of self striping yarns, a couple batts for my spinner friends and a skein of yarn.  Its a lamb fleece so I am being a little ambitious with my expectations, but she has wonderful length so I am hopeful I'll get some decent yardage from her.

She looks bumpy because we had already coated her, then removed the coat to take her photo.  You can see the outline of the coat where the wool isn't covered.

On the needles still is Hazel's fiber from a skein of yarn that didn't sell at this year's fiber festival junket.  Want to have an example of her knit up for next year's booth display.  I am trying to knit continental when I can, but if watching tv I will go back to my method I was taught by Grandma Frey to throw over the needle.  Wasteful, but I can do it without paying attention.  I have to travel for work this week and will be a passenger for some long parts of the trip, so will have plenty of practice time to get more automatic with a continental knit method.

These are the needles I got at a flea market last summer I think they're really pretty

Will be washing Fanny's fleece next for a custom request for batts.

I watched a great doc this week on PBS POV, about a family dairy farm, sharing trailer here.  Lots of pretty farm scenes and kids doing chores.

Also watching "Press" on PBS, its really good.

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English sheep gal said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend in the basement wool cave, working with fleeces from members of the flock you are familiar with, and making discoveries when working with the first ever fleece from lambs born the previous year. Great that there are so many possibilities from just one fleece, batts, variagated skeins, single color skeins, mini skeins for hat kits etc. Even squeezing in a knitting project using fiber from Hazel the bunny. Rhinebeck mug is a nice reminder of a great 1st experience at that show recently, and how much your customers appreciate all the hard work that goes into preparing the items they buy from you.

Enjoy choosing the travel knitting projects - my first experiment making the dryer balls from that roving you gave me is currently felting in the washer - excited to see how they turn out!

I had forgotten to sign up via our WNED membership for the 'passport' to watch things like POV series - thanks for the reminder, that documentary looks just my thing!