Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chiffon - Rich

We've decided to do a series of blogs that feature our breeding stock for 2008. We bred 16 ewes to 3 rams this year. The first one I'm going to write about is Underhill Chiffon (S24888 born 3/07). She is an emsket gulmoget ewe. Underhill Chiffon is extremely pretty. She is registered as Shaela, but she looks emsket to me. She is much lighter than our Dahlia, our black gulmoget. Chiffon is bred to our mioget gulmoget (Clover S24963), so I think we have a good chance at getting a modified gulmoget from that breeding. There’s also a chance the lamb could be homozygous for the gulmoget pattern, which would also be cool! We won’t be getting spots from this cross, however. Rats!

Looks like she lost the snowball fight...

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