Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Drop Spindle Class - Jen

I am going through my photos from December, things got so hectic, I didn't have time to blog, so I am taking you back through a slight time warp. I should be caught up in about a week. A lot happened in December!

Anyways, I taught a drop spindle class at our Niagara County 4H center to a really diverse and enthusiastic group of fiber enthusiasts. Some had fiber animals, some liked to knit/crochet, some had experience with needle felting. It was interesting to go around the table and find out what drew them to the class. Anyways, I used the kit with the cd's and the dowel, gave them a quick lesson and some fiber and they were off! Everyone got the hang of it after a couple hours. The first hour was pretty quiet and tension was pretty thick as I went around the room and tried to help each person individually. After a while people started getting it and there was more laughing and shouts of "I think I've got it!!!". I have to schedule another class so we can all share our progress and learn plying...

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