Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Zabrina - Rich

Bluff Country Zabrina (S19235, 4/05) is our biggest ewe (around 90 pounds). She is Shetland black. When we bought her from a picture, we were told that she was shaela, but I was skeptical. I’m not an expert on sheep color, but she looks black to me. She has a nice conformation and is quite square. She’s not our friendliest ewe, but sometimes it takes a while with a new sheep. I believe she is spotted, but I know she has had spotted lambs in the past. She is bred to White Pine (S24374). I still don’t have a good feel for her fleece. It feels soft, but I don’t think it is as uniform as one would like. It’s tough because she came from an area of the country that was hit by drought pretty hard and they were having a hay shortage. She was on the thin side when we got her and I think her fleece isn’t what it will be next year. I think she has really filled out nicely since we've gotten her! I don’t know what to expect in her lambs, but I’m looking forward to it! White Pine is a very nice ram and we don’t know what he’ll produce either!

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