Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couple things - Jen

It can be a mixed blessing to get free fleeces. I was a little afraid pulling this one out of the bag, I was positive there was going to be a dead animal in it. It was pretty nasty, but I think there's some good stuff in here. Its a lincoln longwool, well half of one. Still have the other half to do. Hopefully its the good half. Skirted this and a grey shetland fleece I got from NYC guy. So that will be fun to play around with. I love that there is something to do in any weather with fiber. It's never too anything to do something.

I love these girls more than words can say. I just do.

Violet and Primrose:

Tiara is a little shy, but so striking:

Big old blob of sheep. Gold is in front, Fantasia is on right eating hay off of Gold, Violet is on left waiting her turn.

Can't wait for shearing. Look at those fleeces. Delectable:

Mother on right, Betulina, Daughter on left Morning Glory. Mom still thinks her girl's manure doesn't stink.

Fantasia (I affectionately call her "Effie") is a lap sheep. Look at how old my hands are.

Little Snapdragon is also very fond of attention:

Cour de Nuit, not real friendly, but how funny does she look in this picture? big head.

Betulina and Primrose. I love love love my little Primrose.

Betulina, aka BB. She has tons of character. If she were human she would be Hilary Clinton.


Kara said...

See, now aren't you glad you didn't sell Violet. I had a "feeling" she wasn't "really" for sale :)
No complaints, I love my Olympia from Scott. She maxed out my sheep allotment for the year. Let's see if one of my black based girls can give me a grey kat ewe lamb! Beautiful sheep, great to see your pretty lambs all grown up. Morning Glory and Primrose are just wonderful.

Crescent Moon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your sheep are beautiful.
I wish I knew how to knit as well as you!
I've just started playing around with felting (both wet felting and needle felting).

Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

Your sheep are absolutely beautiful! I'm sure you've washed tons of fleeces. The spinning author Judith McKenzie-McCuin writes about soaking fleeces for a week to let it's natural dirt shedding suint help to clean the fleece. I've tried it with great results.