Saturday, February 14, 2009

4H fiber crafters class - Jen

Oh my gosh we had so much fun at the fiber class today. Well, I did anyways. I was so pleased with everyone's progress! Everyone came back from the first class, except one family, who we really missed, but they will be there for the next class where we are going to cover needlefelting!

This little spindler prefers plying over drafting. She really is a natural.
What a team! Definately easier as a two man operation. On the right is 2009 Father of the Year. And if he isn't, he should be. The spindler is the recipient of our "Win a free lamb essay contest". So she is trying to get ready for her first fleece by learning all she can about fiber.
We had a quick review of carding. Everyone got a nice sample of Zabrina's wool to take home from the drum carder.

This gal will probably be teaching the class next year, she is way better than I am at the drop spindle.
After only 1 hour of class, and 1 month of practice, the next two photos are her results. GORGEOUS!

This is my sample lazy kate that we used as the example.

Ok, this is going to be the most beautiful bulky yarn, I am so proud of this student, I could just cry.
The fiber she used came from Violet, dyed with cushing's orchid

Can't you just see the wonderful scarf this will make.

Next class we are going to needle felt, but we still have to make a niddy noddy, try out the wheel, skirt a fleece, play with dyes. Lots too do and only two classes left!

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Barbara's Spot on the Blog said...

This class looks like a lot of fun. I learned to use a drop spindle from books and on-line but this looks like way more fun.

FYI - I read on the Yarnharlot's knitting blog ( that when using a drumcarder the rovings go in Sideways!! We're all in shock to find this out. I just thought I'd pass that info on.