Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peony - Rich

Peony is not our friendliest or softest ewe, but she is very square. She is more primitive than most of our ewes, but she looks terrific even after shearing. We'll try and do some post shearing pictures once it warms up. Our shearing is scheduled for late March again this year. The ewes tend not to go outside as much after that unless it is warm. I'm sure many have a similar situation, but our weather is a very mixed bag that time of year. Peony is bred to Clover this year. Why would be breed a spotted ewe to a solid ram, you ask? I don't know. it seemed like the thing to do. Mioget happens to be my favorite shetland color and we felt this breeding would give us a good shot at mioget lambs (Peony is fawn). We bred Peony to Cihat last year and liked what she produced (Lavender), we we probably should've gone that way again, but...we didn't.

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