Monday, February 23, 2009

Primrose - Rich

Primrose is a very nice ewe lamb out of Sheltering Pines Kiraz and Windswept White Pine. We still own Kiraz and she always has really nice lambs!

White Pine was an exceptional ram that we don’t own anymore and we decided to keep a few of his ewes this year. Primrose looks a lot like Gold, but she’s a little smaller boned (although Gold is also very petite). It’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart, however. Gold is lighter in color, but their markings are very similar. I wouldn’t say they are carbon copies of each other, but they’re close. Primrose is still moorit, however, and I think she’ll stay that color. The top of her fleece makes her look mioget, however. It’s not. Having said that, it’s a really pretty shade of moorit.

We really like Primrose as a potential breeding ewe down the road. We haven’t done micron testing on her, so that will be interesting. Her fleece feels soft to the touch. We didn’t breed her this year because we felt she was a tad small. I think that was the right move. I don’t like to breed ewes under 50 pounds, and I especially don’t like to breed the finer boned ewe lambs. The other thing I like about Primrose is that she has one small eye patch and one larger. I don’t know why I like that.


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Nice fleece!! One of my favorite colors!