Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blue Diamond

I liked this fawn katmoget from the moment she hit the ground. Her fleece is dense and soft! I love her conformation as well. She has a nice long body with nice leg length.

In terms of genetics, if you follow our blog at all, you know that we were quite high on Sheltering Pines Blue’s Clues, this lamb’s father. He had a spectacular fleece that I really looked forward to reproducing in his lambs. Her fleece won’t be like his, but it’s very nice. Blue’s Clues was a Wintertime Blues son, and a Todhill Jericho grandson, which makes this lamb an F3 Jericho and 55% UK. Her mother is Sheltering Pines Constantinople, who has an excellent conformation and overall Shetland type. I would say that this lamb captured the best parts of each parent, to some extent.
Here is a picture of her parted fleece. Nice length, crimp, and luster! It's very soft as well! It's a fleece that you just want to sink your fingers into. You know the type.

So, this lambing was the result of some genetic lines that I think a lot of (if you haven’t gathered that from some of my earlier posts). Anyway, I look forward to shearing next year to see how this girl’s conformation and fleece looks like after a full year of growth.


Ok Acres Shetlands said...

I am the look of this ewe, she seems to scream, "look at me". The fleece looks to be wonderful, too bad they haven't figured out how to let us feel things via a blog.

Danny Hansen said...
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