Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blue Topaz

Long time followers (I shouldn't presume that we have long time followers) probably recall that we thought pretty highly of Pike Hill Violet. This little gem is her daughter out of Blue’s Clues. She seems to have good qualities from both. Her fleece doesn’t have as much density as some of our lambs, but it has good density, as well as great lock structure and luster. We were always impressed with Violet’s fleece. It had great density. We liked this girl so much that we elected to sell Violet. I hope she continues to breed and produce wonderful lambs like this one! We hated to part with her, but we think her daughter has great potential. I’m very interested in how this lamb produces, and whether she carries moorit. I know she carries spots and, in fact, you can see the white on her face right now.

After much thought, we did, however, elect not to breed Blue Topaz this year. She was big enough, but we felt we wanted to cut back on the number of lambs this spring, which made it easier to hold over some of the lambs from this past spring. Oh well, next year.

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