Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Holly

Sheltering Pines Christmas Holly is a yearling grey katmoget ewe who we like a lot. She had a nice yearling micron test, and is correct in most ways. She’s also more refined than some of our sheep, which isn’t a bad thing.

Holly is soft and very pretty. I also like her background. She’s out of Wintertime Thayu (a Black Forrest son), and Little Country Possum (a Pompey Magnus daughter). I brought her in for that reason. Those are nice genetics and I wanted to see what I could do with them with some other bloodlines that we have. Last year, we bred her to Bond and got a nice polled ram who we are keeping. We really like him as much as any ram we’ve had born here. He just fits our vision of things. The fact that he is out of bloodlines that we also like a great deal is a nice bonus.

That’s it for the adult ewes. We decided to only keep 10 adults so we could make room for some of the lambs that we liked.

This year’s lamb crop was our best yet, which made it possible to let some nice adults and lambs go to other farms. We look forward to seeing how they produce for other people.

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