Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sheltering Pines Constantinople

I saw this ewe last year at Stephen’s farm and knew I had to have her. She is built just like I prefer, with long legs and body, level topline, and straight legs. Her fleece has nice density and fineness. She also has what I consider to be a perfect Shetland head. She’s just correct and typey. Her lambs this year were top notch as well!

She’s probably our largest ewe in terms of height and weight. She’s quite striking to look at out in the pasture, I’ll say that. She also has nice bloodlines that I respect. Just look at some of the nice Shetlands in her immediate background: Greenholme Holly, Northwind Holiday, Sheltering Pines Isadora, and Sheltering Pines William The Conquerer. And that’s just on her mother’s side! On her father’s side you have Thelonius Monk, Bartok, and Minder. That’s a nice collection of genetics to go with her looks.

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Ok Acres Shetlands said...

Lovely ewe and her lambs are just as you describe them, striking!
Stephen has great stuff, glad you got some to go with your nice stock.