Thursday, January 6, 2011


This ewe is very nice as well. She’s out of Wintertime Bond and S’more Sparkles, who are two sheep that I like a great deal. I like this girl as well. Her brother was amazing, and although I wouldn't quite put her in his class, she's very nice. She’s an F3 Orion, and a Pompey Magnus great granddaughter (52% UK). Not too shabby!

She was spotted at birth, and still maintains some faded spots on her face. I’m guessing that she’s only a carrier. She also carries polled and might carry moorit.
I would say that her fleece resembles her mother’s a great deal in type, but it is finer, and more uniform, which is what we were shooting for with this breeding. Aside from being another grey katmoget, she is a ewe we are quite excited about. We elected not to breed her this year even though she was plenty big enough. I'll talk more about our breeding strategy in the coming weeks, but she certainly fits into our program. It's hard to do better than the bloodlines that she has.
Anyway, we like what we see so far in this girl and we'll see what we can do with her in our program.

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