Saturday, November 11, 2017

What I am working on

Cold November Veterans day, probably the last week of any useful pasture.  Will be putting on the jackets this weekend as we have to start on hay.

Working on the rolag idea, here is the first skein starting to knit into a barn hat.  I am really loving it.  You just don't know what its going to look like until you knit it up.

Here is the second skein on the niddy noddy.  The colors came out more defined on this skein as I am still learning how to use the blending board.

Here it is nestled between the ram yarn and Cora's skein.

Lastly, the rolag, just realized never posted photo of what they look like, which is terrible because I am just learning, but there you go.

We clipped little Hazel and she now has very large ears.

On the carding table is still Sybil.  Really lovely and longer staple length, so will be converting to batts for spinning.  This would be her lamb fleece, so extra soft and bouncy.

Cora's creamy white wool is on the wheel still, just finishing up the 2nd bobbin of single, then will ply.

Next up with be the darker locks of Cora, will make a pretty oatmeal fawn yarn.

Barn hat I made out of britch wool while watching TV cause I don't have to watch the needles for this pattern.

Next fleece I will be washing is Sarin's.  And before the people who have been asking me for black raw fleeces get upset with me for saying I don't have black fleeces remaining for sale, I need you to know that Sarin's fleece is very pretty, but didn't do well in shearing so there are too many second cuts for me to ethically sell to someone as a raw fleece.  We have a pretty strict set of standards before we are willing to sell a raw fleece to a spinner.  So don't be mad at me please, I have saved you a lot of frustration and disappointment...

Pretty locks from Sarin's fleece

OK Acres Sarin

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