Friday, April 27, 2018

Day off from lambing

So no lambs yesterday which means I made good progress in the workroom.

Finished spinning Oberyn's fleece into this two ply yarn.  This was all I got from his fleece as it was pretty chopped up for whatever reason.  Not the shearer's fault, the wool just didn't want to come off!


Oberyn 2 ply, will wash today

I washed Elinor's fleece, this pretty grey Kat and will finish drying outside today - looks like we will have a warm day with no wind, perfect for outdoor drying.  Then I plan to spin into yarn.

Sensible Elinor.  Except that she stole and ate a plastic glove out of my lambing kit when my back was turned during Lambapalooza 2

I am carding Mrs Hughes, I just love this fleece.  She has 3 different levels of grey and a good amount of all three so its a lot of fun to work my way through all the variation.  This will go into batts for my spinners.

Medium grey on left, steel grey in center, light grey to the right.  No "shades of grey" jokes please...  Oh all right, if you must.

Ever proper Mrs. Hughes

Started a white hat from the yarn left from the Bousta Beanie and Knitted Knockers- thank you Elara.  Used my new cast on technique, German Cast on which I learned from making the fingerless mitts.  Should make the ribbed band a little more flexible, we'll see.

I always think Elara could have gone a little less with the eyeliner.

And working on spinning another self striping yarn, 3 colors, shades of brown.

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English sheep gal said...

What a busy day, nice change of pace from 'lambapalooza' bet you loved working on all those different projects, everything looks lovely. Hope no ill effects for Elinor ingesting a plastic glove - what a naughty girl!