Sunday, April 15, 2018

Shearing Day Part 1

Yesterday was shearing day, which for us as breeders focusing on wool quality, this is the culmination of all our hard work and effort from the entire year.  Those three hours when you watch the fleece peel from the sheep to the buzz of the clippers are the most exciting and stressful hours we endure all year.  Very happy with our results, a couple came off pretty choppy due to the rise but those will be happily processed by me and turned into lovely batts or yarns for my knitting and spinning friends to enjoy!

Today's blog I'll provide photos on the preparations.

Ready for the day

The four ram lambs from last year brought in from their outside pen to be sheared.  Looking forward to Oberyn's fleece (the black)

The boys waiting for the shearer to arrive.  It was pretty cold in the morning.  Actually the whole day was cold and miserable.  I think they look like they are ready for their album cover.

Our wonderful shearer Aaron getting his equipment set up.

The cool shoes he wears when he shears.  Keeps him from stomping on a little lamb foot with work boots.

Me an Will.  Will came home from college to help out.

Hannah did all the documentation and record keeping.  I printed her a list of all the sheep with ear tags, sire and dam info, she was in her element.

Andrew was the grabber.
Close up view of the counter he uses to keep track of how many sheep he's completed.

OK, lets get this party started!

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