Sunday, April 29, 2018

Lotsa Lambs

I made an appointment for 9 am on Saturday as Rich was home to monitor the barn.  And of course Itasca (X Nitro) starts labor (which usually lasts around an hour) at 8 am.  Fortunately she is an old pro and quickly popped out a pretty black ewe and moorit ram, so I made it to my appointment.  It never fails.

Very sad to report that in the time between I wrote the passage above and when I got to photograph, Itasca's little ram passed away.

Then Elara (X Nitro) had an enormous black yuglet ram while I was gone.

We had some visitors stop in to meet the new arrivals.

After dinner, our blessed Reawick (X Oberyn) gave us two perfect white ewe lambs.  So happy, we have wanted a white ewe lamb for the longest time, and here we have two.

I woke up at 5 am on Sunday to find that our very capable first time mother Sybil had moorit ewe and ram, all cleaned and fed (by her - thank goodness), so all we had to do was pen them up and care for the umbilicals.

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