Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Three ewes lambed yesterday between 6-11 pm last night, almost felt like we were a commercial operation!

Mrs Patmore (x Nitro) had a very nice brown spotted ram. 

2 hours old, resting after his big introduction.

Pretty flashy little fella!

Fanny (x Nitro) very quietly and with no fanfare popped out this sweet little moorit ewe.  
Just getting a bath soon after birth

And Pearl (x Nitro) had fawn kats, ewe and a ram.  

Still have 16 ewes to go.  Looking forward to seeing an Oberyn lamb, he got a slow start apparently...

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English sheep gal said...

Congrats 4 more healthy lambs, and half were female! I just adore that second pic of Mrs Patmore and her ram, almost like they were posing for their family photo, and his wrinkly lamby skin. Lovely mix of colors.....