Friday, April 20, 2018

More lambs

Sarin (x Darcy) had her black ram lamb this morning.  I checked at 3 am and didn't see anything, then at 6, this tiny little shadow was on the tv.

Sarin doesn't like it when you come near her lamb.  Keep your distance lady.

Then I came home from work at lunch and Ivy (xNitro) had her little grey katmoget ram.  He seems a little bit preemie, so we tube fed him about 3 oz of mom's milk to give him a little kick start.  Will keep an eye on him.

Few hours old

Later in the evening

OK, bring on the ewe lambs!

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English sheep gal said...

Happy Birthday boys - woah Sarin is very protective, hope the little preemie boy gets stronger, and the next lambs are girls - can't believe Blue Sapphire hasn't lambed yet, she looked so big after shearing!