Monday, April 14, 2008

Even more lambs! - Rich

It was a busy weekend at Whispering Pines. It started Saturday and spilled over into early Sunday morning when Bluff Country Zabrina gave birth to these two little gems.

These are two shots of a very dark brown ram - looks like he’s going to be very nice! He has a nice blaze and krunet as well as a nice white tail! He looks very correct (for a lamb that’s only a day old). He will be for sale (although we haven’t determined a price yet). He also carries his father’s HST yuglet markings! He will throw some nice flash!

His sister has lots of flash! Featured to the left and in the two photos below, she is a black yuglet katmoget with two white socks and tail! I’m calling her yuglet right now, but the katmoget markings make it difficult to determine. She also has an extremely square body for a very young lamb! Her mother is also very square as is the father, Windswept White Pine. These are White Pine’s first lambs for us and we look forward to the others!

We weren’t sure what Zabrina would throw, but we knew she carried those flashy Bluff Country spots so we took a chance with her. Zabrina is a very correct ewe and Jen really likes how soft her fleece is. Even I could feel how soft it was! I can’t wait to see how these lambs develop.

I remember as a young lad yearning one day to be a professional photographer. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, and when one takes a gander at these lamb pictures, you can see why. I must have spent an hour snapping about 100 pictures this morning and these are the only somewhat functional results. I’ve seen better pictures of bigfoot than what I was able to produce in a morning's work! Naturally, the best photos were of lambs I've already blogged. This is Chiffon's gulmoget ram, posing nicely for me.

Be that as it may, here are two marginal photos of Minwawe Seraphim’s ewe lamb. Wow! Right now she looks a lot like a ram that we sold last year that turned out to be incredibly nice! I would almost call her a caped flecket (if one were into wearing very short capes). She’s not even a day old in these pictures so bear that in mind, but there really isn’t anything not to like at this point! This is exactly what I was hoping to get out of one of our ewes this year! I love wild spotting and she has plenty of white to contrast the black! She’ll be registered as a yuglet flecket. Very nice! Her mom is a musket yuglet flecket sokket, so I’m not sure yet whether this lamb will be Ag or not. She does have a lot of black on her ears, so maybe if I look closely, I might be able to see something, but I doubt it. She also has a lot of white there as well. Her father is Sheltering Pines Cihat.

Tiara also decided to get in on the action late last evening. Tiara was bred to Under The Son Clover, our mioget gulmoget ram. I was hoping for a spot carrying modified gulmoget from that pairing, but will have to settle for this lustrous little mioget ewe lamb. We’ll post better pictures of her on Tuesday. She was sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb her (plus she’s only 12 hours old). I haven’t really had a good look at her yet, but she should be extremely nice! Tiara is one our top five ewes (by my subjective scoring system) and Clover is just as nice (if not nicer).


bopeep said...

Congratulations on your successful lambing season.

Michelle said...

I really like the markings on the first ram lamb you featured. ALL very nice lambs, really!