Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fantasia delivers - Rich

I think it’s rare when you have a vision in your breeding program and see it fulfilled so completely. We brought in V Creek Fantasia last summer because we wanted to get into HST yuglet katmogets. She is an extremely nice ewe, but her fleece length is shorter than we like. We bred her to Cihat last year in hopes of getting an HST yuglet katmoget ram with the best of his parents attributes. Although it’s too early to tell whether this ram will have the best of both worlds, I can honestly say that if we breed Shetlands for the next 20 years, I doubt we will get a closer representation of what I like than this little guy! He is an HST yuglet flecket katmoget! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a lamb in the seven years we have been breeding Shetlands! He has so much white on him, it wasn’t immediately obvious he was a katmoget. Once the ewe (okay, I) cleaned him off well enough to see his legs, I could see the pattern, and then upon closer inspection, you could see it on his eye patches as well! He’s also one of the largest lambs we’ve had this year. His mother did great, however, without assistance!

The ram is barely two days old in these pictures, but he’s doing great! He was starting to run around outside this morning, so it shouldn’t be long before he joins in on the lamb races!

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stephen rouse said...

aha! I see you've caught the "spotted katmoget" fever too! LOL Aren't they incredible. This little guy is a "wower". WOW! Marked incredibly. Fleece looks exquisite. I know I would be very happy with a lamb marked like this. Congrats. Stephen