Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lambs...At Last! - Rich

On Sunday morning, Sheltering Pines Cihat and Whispering Pines Queen Anne’s Lace became the proud parents to twin white ewe lambs. Both lambs have adorable pink noses and boundless energy! Now what to name them?

We weren’t sure what to expect from Queen Anne. We know for sure that she carries spots and has a brown base color, but we’re not sure if she is genetically spotted. Unfortunately, these two little beauties aren’t going to help us determine whether Queen Anne is fully spotted.

These lambs are Cihat’s first in 2008. Last year we had four lambs out Cihat, and all four were really nice. His ram from last year placed third in his class at NAILE! I think these two ewe lambs have the potential to be something special as well. One or both will end up in a new home.

Under the Son Clover and Underhill Chiffon also became proud parents to our first black gulmoget ram. I really like how he looks at one day old! Clover is a very nice mioget gulmoget ram and Chiffon is a Shaela gulmoget ewe. We were hoping for an emsket gulmoget and that’s entirely possible! I’m almost certain he’ll be shaela! He has very striking markings similar to his mom’s. We’ll have to wait and see how his color develops. He’ll at least carry the modifier if he isn’t emsket! Mother and Son are enjoying the peace and tranquility of their studio jug until the other lambs start coming…probably today and tomorrow. After that, they’ll have to learn to live with the rest of the ewes. My plan is to keep the pregnant ewes on one half of the barn and put the mothers and lambs in the new addition. This should help reduce the stress of re-entry.

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