Monday, November 19, 2007

Clover's Breeding Pen - Rich

Clover is our mioget gulmoget ram that we brought in this summer. He has an excellent conformation and a beautiful fleece! He’s certainly one of the top rams we’ve had here on the farm. I won’t hold the fact that he’s not spotted against him!
Tiara is a mioget ewe that we brought in to give us some modified genetics. She has a gorgeous fleece and an excellent conformation. She is also spotted, but we’re breeding her for modified genetics this spring, so we’ll have to for go the spots with her offspring this time. She is just a really nice ewe; one of our best!

Chiffon is another new ewe. She is a beautiful emsket gulmoget.

Another view of Chiffon. She’s not a spot carrier (that I know of), but she has just about everything else. We’re looking for a modified gulmoget out of her this spring, and my guess is that it will be very nice – given the genetics.

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