Friday, November 16, 2007

White Pine's Breeding Pen - Rich

Here is the little prince right now. What incredible markings he has! His fleece is a light to medium grey under there. I need a ewe like him. He doesn’t seem very active in the pen, but he did take a run at Zabrina on Friday, so we’ll have to keep watching.
Here we see two of White Pines ewes. On the left is Sheltering Pines Kiraz and on the right is Zabrina. We’re hoping for at least one spotted katmoget from these two (hopefully two as Zabrina at least carries spots). Zabrina is our largest ewe and has a very nice conformation. She’s put together very nicely. Kiraz has the HST markings that I like and has very dainty features. I have to confess that her color has always intrigued me, but I don’t know what it is. I suspect she’s and iset moorit, but she may be fawn. She has a lot of white mixed in, so it’s tough to tell. She’s not quite a yuglet, but nearly so.
Here’s a complete shot of White Pine’s entourage. Violet is in the middle right in front of him. She is a katmoget with some genetics that I like. She might carry the modifier and might also carry spots. We’ll see. She has very striking markings – very well defined. Buttercup is the farthest on the left. She just has an outstanding conformation and heavy fleece. I’m hoping for a spotted kat out of her as well. I’ll be happy if I get three spotted kats out of this breeding group. I would say that I’m very interested in what Buttercup throws because she has almost everything except a really soft fleece and yuglet markings. Fortunately, White Pine has those things in addition to his outstanding conformation and HST markings.

Little Buttercup looking at me and wondering what in the world have we done to her. This is her first breeding season. Her father was a solid yuglet socket with some UK breeding.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen and Rich - Kiraz looks great. I was never sure what color she is either. She might be fawn. It would be interesting to breed her to a modified ram some day. Good luck with your breeding groups. - Scott