Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dye day - Jen

Sherry hosted a "Dye Day" a few weeks ago. Internet is cooperating today so I am posting some photos. Above is her front porch/yard, all neat and cozy. Full of soaking wool, propane heaters, stainless steel pots...and a bunch of kitties.
Here she is tying up roving in preparation for the process I would describe as "Squirting", but that's not what it is called really, but I can't remember the name for it.
Stella had some gorgeous mittens and yarn percolating in a most covetable enamel bowl complete with a built in electric heat source.
These mason jars are holding prepared dyes, or stock I think I heard Nancy say. These were what we were squirting onto the roving.
Sprinkling dye directly onto soaked yarn and mittens...
then they were transferred to a larger pan and cooked on the stovetop.

As the dye gets absorbed into the fiber, the water gets lighter and lighter (makes sense, but never thought about it b4.)

Here is Stella, cooking up a delicious batch of mittens!

Last is Nancy, gave up on squirting, and is now just dousing roving with color.

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Michelle said...

I want to see photos of all the dried, finished fibers in their new colors!