Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stuff I Made 2 - Jen

Here is a skein of yarn I spun from the roving I squirted with various colors at “Dye Day”. I ended up with 175 yards, so will try to squeak out a little chapeau, or perhaps a jazzy scarf.

Guys! Do you mind? No, its not a toy or a new animal, now scram. honestly.
Honest Abe is modeling a witch hat I needle felted from a form I bought at Hemlock Fiber festival. Wool came from Marigold, our first black ewe that now lives with my cousin Gwen. I wore it for trick or treating through the village of Middleport on Halloween eve, and I was nice and toasty warm.

This hat comes from Buttercup’s lamb fleece. She has only a little white on her neck, but it really makes an impact when randomly mixed with her nice dark moorit. This hat was made from dp needles. I’ve been reworking this pattern to accommodate my homespun yarn, and after 5 hats with various needles and dimensions, this is the pattern I will use from now on, which is: Cast on 90 sts on size 6 dp needles. K1P1 for 5 inches. Switch to size 4’s, k for another 5 inches. Knit two together every 4th, then knit 4 rows. Knit two together every 3rd, then knit 4 rows. Knit two together every 2nd, then knit 4 rows. Knit together every 2, then gather up remaining stitches on tapestry needle and knot. And the best part – NO SEWING!!! (I hate sewing).


Michelle said...

I LOVE the rich jewel colors of your skein; very nice!

I've done my hats on circulars (I avoid DPs if possible). I'd like to try your pattern, but need clarification. After the 10 inches of ribbing, to you knit every row, including the decreases? And in your decreases, you knit two, knit two together, followed by knit one, knit two together, and lastly knit two together every stitch -- right?

Katie said...

Knit one pearl two. Pretty hat...I wanna trade!!!