Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4h Needle felting class - Jen

The fiber crafters met last Saturday at the Niagara county 4H building to learn about needle felting. I supplied a batt of white wool, and a small kit of 6 colors, plus a needle and with a quick lesson, the group went to town! All but one of us did a cookie cutter on foam, one talented member did a free form egg, (because I ran out of foam blocks). No serious pricks, and wonderful results. Look forward to seeing these as fair exhibits this summer!

This makes me long for June and fresh strawberries!

The free form egg. Easter is just around the corner!

Sisters working quietly, elder made a gorgeous tulip, younger made a cute owl!
K. took to it like a fish to water, she left with a cute heart!
The boys did really well, they made a decorated circle, and apple, a train and a pretty maple leaf. I made a worm for the apple, we'll see if it finds it way to the apple!

It was so nice that everyone left with a finished item. Such a pretty flower!

I love this little lamb, precious!

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Kara said...

What fun! It looks like everyone had a great time and made some very wonderful creations. I need to learn. You want to come visit and teach me or if I come out to see your lambs this summer? I would still like to add a mioget so I will be looking around.