Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiara - Rich

Tiara is another very nice ewe. She is on the small side, so it was tempting to throw her in with Leyland , but we decided to hedge our bets with Clover. She was also too nice to leave open. We hope to have a couple of nice mioget lambs out of her this year. Last year that pairing produced Bluebell, who we really like. Tiara is like Buttercup in many ways. She’s not our finest ewe, but she’s as nice as any that we have. If we were after ultra fine-fleeced lambs, we probably wouldn’t keep her, but she produces a beautiful fleece that spins up wonderfully and she’s too nice to part with right now. Part of me is second guessing the decision not to breed her to Leyland , but we really wanted to see what she and Clover produce together again. Leyland might carry the modifier, but I don’t know for sure, so there’s a lot to learn about him.

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