Monday, March 2, 2009

Violet - Rich

Violet is looking good as a two year old. I’ve always wondered what the standard meant by carriage, but now I know. She has it (whatever it is). I always characterize her as our most alert ewe. She’s not friendly, but she’s not a wild spazz either. She’s also one of our nicest overall ewes. She is bred to Leyland . So, we have our finest ewe bred to our finest ram. That was my easiest breeding decision last year. Of course, a monkey could’ve figured that one out. Her fleece is more intermediate, but has excellent density and luster. Here is roving and yarn from her lamb fleece, very soft and bouncy.

Her ram lamb from 2008, Black Walnut, looked nearly identical to her.
I felt she had one of our nicer fleeces heading into 2008 and I haven’t changed my mind about that. We have a few that I like better now, but that’s only because I really like those fleeces. There’s not much wrong with this ewe, to be honest (and I’m very critical of our sheep).