Friday, March 27, 2009

Betulina - Rich

Betulina is one of our moorit gulmoget ewes. She produced Morning Glory last year and we decided to repeat the breeding to Cihat again this year. I’ve always liked the way Betulina looks. She has an excellent conformation and is the ideal size for a shetland ewe (75-80 pounds). The person who bought her fleece this year really liked it. There’s not much to dislike about her. Her fleece isn’t super dense or fine, but it’s a pretty fleece that spins up nicely. If she has a nice lamb this year, we’ll probably sell her, but we haven’t decided. It will depend largely on what kind of lambs we have this spring. I like her genetics and she’s really nice, but we can’t keep accumulating lambs and keeping all of the adults as well. Our flock is much larger than we’d like and we can’t continue adding ewes.

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Juliann said...

Two thumbs up! She's beautiful!